Floors and carpets can offer you a wide range of carpets in various grades colours and textures. We can supply and fit quality carpets for domestic or commercial environments to your specifications and budget.

Domestic Fitted Carpets

Domestic carpet installations are fitted traditionally using carpet gripper rods and a choice of either a medium grade underlay, or a luxury cloud 9 underlay for all new carpet depending on the level of comfort required or the condition of the sub floor.(If required Floors and Carpets carpet fitters can provide sub floor repairs and preparation before carpet installation.) Domestic carpets come in the following three different types:

  1. NYLON CARPET - The most frequently fitted carpet fibre in today's market, highly desirable due to it's exceptional durability, versatility and affordable pricing. Nylon fitted carpets are available in many styles and colours, twist carpet and plush pile carpets are the most popular. The carpet can be dyed in an endless variety of colours and made in numerous textures. Nylon carpets are commonly fitted in residential and commercial applications.
  2. POLYPROPYLENE CARPET - Also known as Olefin, this fibre resists fading, generates low levels of static electricity and is favorably priced. Due to it's manufacturing process, polypropylene carpet inherently resists stains, making it extremely easy to clean. Our carpet fitters regularly fit this carpet in rental properties or medium traffic commercial areas.
  3. WOOL CARPET - The most expensive of the three fitted carpet fibres listed here, it is a natural fibre with only moderate soil and stain resistance as wool carpets are porous, therefore after market stain protection will penetrate the carpet rather than protecting it, however wool carpets are very durable and luxurious. Wool carpets are available in more styles than nylon, but are more limited in colour choice.
Carpet Tiles

Commercial Fitted Carpets

The industry standard recommendation for fitted carpets in the workplace or in areas of heavy wear is the Durafit System. A heavy duty hard wearing underlay is adhered to the sub floor before the carpet is fitted and then the carpet is also glued down to provide more resistance to wear and greater longevity to the life of the carpet.

Floors and Carpets can provide a number of carpet styles and colours for use in commercial applications. We can also provide carpet tiles and needle punch flooring that are ideal for office floors and the workplace environment.

Please Contact Floors and Carpets for a free quote on domestic fitted carpet or commercial fitted carpet installations.Carpet Roll